From homes and offices to laundries and shopping centres, ladies are dropping it all and gathering for an outrageous, fun-filled, sun drenched weekend.  Adventure Angels is a fantastic idea put together by one very motivated lady, with the help of friends.  Sometimes you just have to drop everything and get out there, like Sandy and Hilda………

Adventure Angels 4×4 – What It’s All About

There’s something to be said about the wind blowing in your hair and challenging yourself by venturing out of your comfort zone. It excites and scares me at the same time and that, I absolutely love.

Four-wheel driving has become a passion and I’ve met ladies who have never driven a 4×4 car before, fall in love with everything that Adventure Angels represents.  NO ONE holds back, they all give it a go and if they get bogged, they don’t care – we all work together as a team to make the experience as fun as possible.

We meet ladies from all ages and all walks of life and what we do all have in common is a good story to share.  I have made lifelong friends through my 4-wheel driving and experienced so much joy from getting together and traveling to new and exciting destinations, I never even knew existed.

We truly live in a beautiful country here in Australia and I’ve seen things you would not normally get to see.  The comradeship we have developed, and for such a large group of ladies, we all get on with each other.

Adventure Angels choose tracks that we are comfortable with and don’t push the challenge button too hard. Our trails are easy and enjoyable with a few fun spots for those more experienced.  The price is affordable and the effort, event organiser, and friend Hilda, goes to in order to cater to everyone’s needs, is above and beyond anyone’s expectations.


Most ladies have come back from a weekend away with comments like:
“You bought my smile back”
“I really needed this, I was in a rut”
“Had the best time of my life”
“Most memorable experience to date”
“Wait till I can show my hubby what I can do”
“I’m coming back next year, for sure”……..

One of the great things about Adventure Angels is you don’t need to have a Jeep to be a member! We encourage ALL ladies who want to let their hair down, have fun and love 4×4 driving, to give it a go.

Adventure Angels becomes a way of life, we all crave it and can’t wait for the next big trip.

~ Sandy

 Check out the Adventure Angels Facebook page for more information and fun pics.

Adventure Angels 2

Adventure Angels 4×4 – Rainbow Beach Trip 20th – 22nd October 2017

It was the girls turn to hit the beach with Adventure Angels 4×4.  Beautiful Angels, 19 of them, from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages packed up their rigs and came together to enjoy an all-girl 4×4 weekend away. 

Rainbow Beach driving conditions were at its best and the rain decided to give us a break on Friday and Sunday.  The girls had a chance to have a free run on the beach to practice their off-road driving skills, meet new like-minded ladies and showcase their rigs.

Everyone received an Angels pack, which included a T-shirt, hat, cooler, headband, door magnet and many other goodies. The Angels proudly wore gear and door magnets for the trip, turning a few heads, which made a lasting impact on everyone we met during our travels.

Adventure Angels 5

The accommodation was provided as part of the trip in a beautiful modern holiday house with 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 3 kitchens.  The house also included a pool and a large rumpus room.

Friday (Day 1)

We hit the beach at Noosa around 11am. The tide was on its way out and the girls had a nice easy run on the beach. The constant giggles and chatter on the two-way radios had the girls pumped and excited. Our first stop was the Red Canyon where the girls stretched their legs, took in the sights and had some beautiful photo opportunities. By this time, everyone was feeling confident driving their rigs on the sand.

Adventure Angels 4


Our next stop was Double Island where we stopped for lunch and the giant Golden Swan came out to play. The girls had a swim and tackled the currents with the swan for a couple of hours before we headed to Rainbow Beach.

2pm was low tide, so we drove to Rainbow’s coastal side. The beach was fairly washed away, and the girls had a chance to try something a little different and maneuver their rigs carefully through and over the rocks. I’m proud to say every Angel handled it like a pro and no one got bogged or damaged their rigs.

Friday nights theme was ‘Party Animal’ and we definitely had some wild costumes.   We ate, drank and danced the night away, like angels of course.

Saturday (Day 2)

We had a bit rain, so we decided to do some sight-seeing and inland track driving. We paid a visit to Inskip Point and we didn’t get bogged!

Sunday (Day 3)

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. The Angels found a fresh creek to play in on our way home. Some parts of the creek were deep, and the Angles had fun spraying water everywhere.

All in all, the weekend was a success and many girls have already secured their places for 2018’s Rainbow Beach event.

Adventure Angels 4×4 will run several events next year, including Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island and tag along with other 4×4 groups.

~ Hilda

Some events don’t require a 4×4, so keep an eye on Adventure Angel’s Facebook page for upcoming events.

Adventure Angels 3