Mopar JK Tow Bar Kit

This Mopar hitch receiver is designed to match your jeep wranglers towing capacity, the plug and play wiring harness eliminates the need for wire splicing and features a protective wrapping that guards against weather and abrasion. The ball mount kit and hitch Ball are made of heavy-duty steel, the hitch ball has a chrome finish with incorporated wrench flats that aid in installation and removal.

Mopar JK Black Offroad Rear Bar

New Rock Crawler type high clearance bumpers are tough and heavily gusseted for strength and great style. The Rear bumper is styled to match the front and allows the use of MOPAR/O.E. Tow hooks and trailer hitch. (JK Has tow eyes) The Textured Black finish is E-Coated and Powdercoated to meet the industry’s toughest corrosion requirements. The Jeep logo is laser cut into both bumpers.

AEV JK Front Bar Premium Tubeless

Based on the tried and true design of our Premium Front Bumper, the stylish stamped steel face of the Tubeless Front Bumper is built to withstand all the rocks, mud and brush you can throw at it while providing a very sleek, sophisticated look.

The JK Tubeless Front Bumper includes auxiliary light mounts, factory fog light mounts, and crush cans to help correct low speed air bag deployment. It also receives an OE-level double stage paint process to help keep Mother Nature at bay. AEV’s JK Tubeless Front Bumper now takes its place as the industry’s second stamped steel bumper – behind AEV’s original JK Premium Front Bumper. Like the original it offers style and protection like no other.

Uneek 4×4 JK Bull Bar

Jeep JK Wrangler Bull Bar is an Australian designed and built bull bar for our tough Aussie market. Don’t risk your insurance if you have an accident, buy an Aussie made Australian Design Rules (ADR) approved and Airbag Compliant bull bar. This bar ticks all the boxes and comes in at a great price.  Not only does it look great and suit the lines of the JK Wrangler, but it’s very functional.

  • ADR compliant and air bag compatible
  • High clearance bar for maximum approach angle offroad
  • Ability to run large tyres without rubbing on the bar. Up to 36″ tyres with out rubbing
  • Light weight yet strong steel design (only 42kg) made out of 4, 5 and 20mm Steel
  • 20mm heavy duty steel tow hooks
  • Hi-lift jacking points integrated into bar
  • Winch compatible (most popular winches, including WARN High Mount Winch)
  • Full width bar that meets factory flares
  • Fully welded grill guard to protect radiator made out of HD 3.2mm thick tube
  • Factory fog lights integrated into the bar
  • Mounting points for radio antenna and driving lamps
  • Easy fitment once factory bumper is removed
  • Can be colour matched upon request (not included in this price)
  • Optional bolt on winch delete plate to cover hole in the top of the bull bar when winch is not going to be fitted
  • Optional high mount winch plate allows fitment of WARN High Mount Winch. Contact us for this option.
  • Optional extra tubes for added protection or no tubes at all.

AEV JK Front Bar Premium (Gen 2)

AEV’s Premium Front Bumper is built to withstand all the rigors of off road use, while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated appearance. The Front Bumper’s full width design, integrated grille and radiator guard and optional Skid Plate offer superior front end protection from rocks and brush without compromising approach angle. The standard heavy duty, chassis mounted tow points and optional Winch Mount will help get you out of trouble, but still look good doing it.

Our Premium Front Bumper includes auxiliary light mounts and factory fog light mounts. The OE crush cans are retained to help correct low speed air bag deployment. It also receives an OE-grade two stage paint process to protect your bumper from the elements. As the industry’s only stamped steel bumper, AEV’s Premium Front Bumper offers unparalleled protection and styling.

AEV JK Rear Bar

AEV’s Rear Bumper and Tyre Carrier is like having a giant Swiss Army knife on the back of your JK Wrangler. It is the perfect solution for carrying all of the necessities for a successful overland or backcountry excursion. Our system begins with the Rear Bumper, which provides robust protection against highway and trail impacts. Included in the Bumper are dual 9 litre (2.4 gallon) liquid storage tanks – which are particularly handy on multi-day trips – and mounting provisions for our AEV Splash Guards.
Where our system really shines is with the chassis-mounted Tyre Carrier, truly AEV’s most versatile product. Not only does it provide a strong, vibration-free and effortless means of carrying tyres up to 40”, but it also accommodates numerous accessories such as our Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount, 38 litre (10 Gallon) Fuel Caddy, and a shovel.

Our Tyre Carrier is compatible with the following:

  • Stock Jeep
  • Rubicon X and 10th Anniversary
  • MOAB / Call of Duty

Our complete expedition-ready Rear Bumper and Tyre Carrier System now holds:

  • 40-inch tyre
  • 38 litre (10 Gallon) Fuel Caddy
  • 19 Litres (5 Gallons) of water
  • AEV Splash Guards
  • Back-Up Light
  • Pull-Pal Winch Anchor
  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Full-size shovel
  • Sand Flag
  • CB Antenna

Both the Rear Bumper and Tyre Carrier are designed so that either component can be installed and used individually, or they can be used together as a complete system (must use delete bracket if not installing the tyre carrier).

WK2 Nudge Bar

Chief Products WK2 Nudge Bar provides a great looking bar with clean simple lines and an impressive collection of exclusive features. It’s made from 304 Stainless Steel and features a specially developed mounting system that provides maximum strength without reducing your approach angle. It includes a slotted accessory mounting tab that runs the entire length of the bar, making it extremely easy to mount your accessories. Best of all, through careful engineering and testing, they’ve created a bar that is 100% compatible with the parking sensors on your WK2.

Parking Sensor Compatibility
Through careful engineering & testing we’ve delivered a nudge bar that is compatible with parking sensors on most WK2 models.

Excellent Approach Angle
Since our design doesn’t extend below the mounting brackets, the approach angle (an important aspect off-road) is significantly better than other nudge bars.

High Strength
Our innovative mounting system uses tapered steel tabs to lock the bar securely to 20mm high-strength steel mounting arms like a lug nut locks a wheel to a car. This high-strength design means there will be minimal vibrations for your accessories when you’re off-road.

Highly Scratch Resistant
By using 304 Stainless Steel (which has a higher hardness rating than Aluminium) we’re able to provide a nudge bar with much better scratch & wear resistance.

Low Installed Weight
Only 10.6kg when fully installed. This is extremely light when compared to a Bull Bar which often weighs 40kgs (alloy) – 90kgs (steel).

Accommodates Numerous Lighting & Accessory Options
The accessory mounting tab is slotted across it’s entire length, allowing you to install lights or accessories however you choose.

Contoured To Fit
The accessory mounting tab is contoured to match the curvature of the WK2 grille, so it integrates perfectly with the front of the WK2.

Compatible With Front Recovery Points
Can be installed with Chief Products WK2 Recovery Hooks & WK2 Recovery Points, (which can be installed on driver & passenger sides and are engineer rated to 4,500kg [1.5 GVM]). Due to mounting restrictions, many nudge bars don’t allow you to install any front recovery points with their bar.

Compatible With Adaptive Cruise Control
Through careful engineering & testing we’ve delivered a nudge bar that is compatible with the adaptive cruise control system on all WK2 models.

Guards Against Damage During Recovery
The mounting brackets are designed to stop recovery straps or bow shackles from hitting the bar during an off-road recovery.

Industry Leading Corrosion Protection
We utilise E-Coat (Electrophoretic Coating) on the mounting arms and bracketry to provide the very highest corrosion protection available for steel automotive parts. Deposited from a water-based solution using a high voltage DC charge, the process coats all wet surfaces with an extremely tough and highly corrosion resistant finish that is unlike any other process.

Mirror Polish That Lasts
Our mirror polished 304 Stainless Steel keeps looking good for longer. Polished aluminium bars tend to develop a white haze from oxidation that causes them to lose their lustre.

Top Quality Finishing Touches
We include all the details that matter. Heavy Duty Powder Coating on all mounting plates. High tensile bolts for maximum strength. Wedge-Lock washers to create bolted joints that are extremely resistant to loosening. Anti-Seize for bolted joints that are resistant to seizing. A Chief Products Shop Rag for all the dirty jobs around the garage. All packaged with extreme care to arrive safely and looking great.


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YAMAHA YXZ 1000 Elite Long Travel Kit


HCR’s proprietary billet, slot and tab design and honeycomb boxed arms are built to withstand the beatings of rigorous off-road riding which achieving the optimal combination of strength and appeal. Every external weld is an internal plate structured into the design. While the cost-effective approach is to run tube ends for ball joints, all HCR kits run a 4130 heat treated billet end allowing all internal and external plating to be attached to this billet eliminating a potential weak point. Billets are available in both ball joint and spherical applications. 
Feel confident in the most demanding terrain with King 2.5 HCR Race Series Shocks with Internal Bypass technology in the rear shocks and available as an upgraded option for the front shocks. The shocks provided with this complete system are longer eye to eye, stroke, and custom valved specifically for the geometry of the YXZ system. By providing a shock tower and Longer shocks, HCR has achieved optimum performance without compromising motion ratio, minimized shock fatigue, and less compound leverage on the arm preventing further bottoming and damage to components. Included with System are King 2.5 HCR Race series shocks; sprung , valved, and tested by the owner of King himself. These true off-road shocks have the larger internals than competitors advertised 3.0’s, allowing minimal weight added without compromising performance. Backed by King, HCR provides a 3 Month tuning opportunity to meet with King technician for a live session if a different valving option is preferred. 
Customised shock package for the rear, internal bypass shocks with finned remote reservoirs are included standard with every kit. This needle valve technology can be setup with light valving at ride height to deliver a smooth comfortable ride while still providing substantial damping force at full compression preventing bottoming out during hard use.  Front shocks are 12″ stroke piggy backs with a soft initial hit and flutter stacks for high speed. Proper springs are provided to still allow full articulation of all 21″ of travel in both high and low speed situations.  These shocks also come standard with billet compression adjusters which allow for 30% adjustment range with a click of a dial. 

IBP Front Upgrade 
Intended for the Aggressive Duners, Racers, and those who like to push it that much harder. This upgrade extends the same internal bypass technology included in the rear shocks to all 4 corners. This patented needle-valve design allows for less bottoming and shock fatigue on square edges, G outs, long distance racing, jumping, etc. where the front end needs a little more. While a little more harsh on initial deflection, these IBP’s get pushed, the smoother the ride. 

3.0 Rear IBP Upgrade 
Reminder: HCR shocks are Full Offroad Shocks, not UTV shocks. An HCR Race Series King 2.5 has a larger piston and internals than a standard  3.0 UTV shock. This will also add and additional 16lbs per corner. 3.0 shocks should only be considered in BITD/ SCORE/ Long Distance Race application. 

A shock tower is included with every Yamaha YXZ Long Travel Kit. This reduces the amount of compound leverage to achieve a closer to 1:1 motion ration for less shock fatigue. This allows for better valving and lighter spring rates. Chromoly CNC’d suspension mounting points and a bolt on shock tower increase the strength and integrity of the stock chassis

The track width has been increased by 4 inches on either side, with a 4 inch longer wheelbase, 2 inches forward and 2 inches back,  for added travel and stability. 1.25 inches additional clearance has also been added to all arms for added ground clearance. 

RCV extended axle bars are included with the purchase of each kit. These 4340 Chromoly axles boast twice the strength of a stock axle and produce the highest torque test numbers of any aftermarket UTV axle. RCV also offers Tip to Tip assemblies for the HCR Long Travel kit as an upgrade.these complete half shaft replacements are designed as a hybrid between a convention UTV plunging CV axle still and RCV patented “bootless” technology. Proven to be almost 3X stronger than factory Components. Both shafts and completes are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA.

The engineers at HCR were able to produce incredible numbers on the XXZ Kit. At 20 inches front and 21 inches of rear travel and 4 inches of additional wheel base; the suspension has been completely redesigned. The extensive time in R&D allowed increased travel numbers without interfering with critical characteristics such as bump steer; adding less then 0.3º of change from factory. Caster / Camber settings have been embedded into the design of the Suspension eliminating the need for an adjustment heim, which reduces internal structure of the arm and presents a weak point upon impact. Impressively, HCR achieved a minuscule 0.06º change in caster / camber throughout the front Travel Cycle and 0.00º fluctuations throughout the rear travel cycle. 

HCR uses the same custom alloy as their popular Elite kit to manufacture the Yamaha YXZ Kit. This proprietary material boasts 30% stronger tensile and yield strength compared to 4130 series chromoly. The material goes through several processes and is hardened for better wear resistance and overall strength. 

CONTACT TODD ON (07) 3801 8185 or todd@sevenslot.com.au